STAR OF THE DAY …. Christine Harman!

STAR OF THE DAY …. Christine Harman!

Christine recently shared these beautiful Tea Boxes with us and we just had to share them with you. She is so talented! The bottom picture she created poinsettias out of FOAMIRAN. It makes the most beautiful flowers. You too can make beautiful flowers using this product and we carry it right here on our website. (Link located below.)

STAR OF THE DAY …. Christine Harman! Tea Candle Boxes
Star of the day… Christine Harmon Tea Candle Boxes


FOAMIRAN SHEET- WHITE (11″ X 22″) – This delicate foam is perfect for all craft project. Create real-life 3D flowers for your cards and mini albums. This package comes with one 11″ x 22″ foamiran sheet.

 Click here to get your Foamiran today.

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