STAR OF THE DAY …. Denise House

STAR OF THE DAY …. Denise House

Denise created this stunning Wedding Album using Shellie’s Free, Step by Step wedding album tutorial. We are so excited to share her version of the album.

Thank you for sharing with us Denise, it’s gorgeous! 

Below is the link to the free step by step tutorial that you too can follow and make your very own stunning wedding mini album. Also, there are links to the products you can purchase as well.

Free Tutorial – Wedding Album Click here.

STAR OF THE DAY ….Denise House




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4 thoughts on “STAR OF THE DAY …. Denise House

  1. Peggy S says:

    Beautiful. Can’t wait to get started on mine. Doing the same tutorial exactly as Shellie has it and have all the supplies collected. A couple of friends are going to do it with me and we are just waiting on some of their supplies. I’m doing it exact as it is not for anyone in particular.. One friend is making hers for her son’s wedding pics with purples; and the other is making hers in anticipation of a proposal! She’s going for emerald and coppers as those are the favourite colours of the prospective bride and groom!

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